About Showbox Application - New Update

Showbox has launched new platform named “Watch”. Usually people like to watch videos that are posted by different people, pages or groups in their timeline, but once they scroll the video it is hard for them to get back to the video. So Showbox has thought of a dedicated platform for videos, where the users can see all the videos of the pages, people or groups that they are following. Last year, Showbox has launched a new video tab, a place to find videos in US. Showbox Watch Showbox wanted to make it easier to watch videos on Showbox, which is why they had dedicated a special place for all the videos. They named it as Showbox Watch and introduced it in US. This watch is available on mobile, PCs and TV apps.In watch, user can see the videos, customize them according to their tastes. In watch, user can arrange and organize the videos. Different type of episodes and categories of videos will be present in watch. For example, the video which has got of HaHa reac